Innovative medical device startups are born from a collaboration
between medicine and engineering, but a keen business
perspective is also vital to their success.

MedVenture Partners, Inc.
is a venture capital firm specializing in medical devices.
Lead by Hajime Oshita, CEO, and Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno, M.D.,
we assist medical device startups succeed by utilizing
our extensive experience and vast network.


Assist the commercialization of ideas based on clinical
needs and vitalize
the medical device
ecosystem in Japan

Although many promising ideas for solving clinical needs currently exist
in Japan, it is rare to observe successful commercialization of these ideas.
MedVenture Partners, Inc. was established to vitalize the medical device ecosystem: a continuous process of entrepreneurs creating startups to develop devices, conduct clinical trials, and launch products, and then after achieving a successful exit (M&A/IPO), going full circle to create another new medical device startup.

Ecosystem Image
1 Entrepreneur
Creates a startup to commercialize ideas based on clinical needs
2 Startup
Takes risks to develop an innovative medical device. Drives the commercialization process of product development, clinical trials, regulatory filings, and product launch
3 Venture Capital
Invests in promising startups and provides risk money
4 Medical Device Company
Acquires startups to add innovative products to its own pipeline and markets them worldwide
5 Talent Pool
Experienced entrepreneurs and experts in clinical trials, regulatory affairs, quality, and manufacturing play a key role in medical device commercialization. Entrepreneurs with successful track records create multiple startups to become serial entrepreneurs


Extensive experience in Silicon Valley and Japan

Co-founders Hajime Oshita and Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno have extensive experience in the medical device industry in Japan and also in the medical device ecosystem of the US. Most of the investment managers have professional experience in the medical device business.

They have been actively investing in medical device startups outside of Japan and staying on top of the market trends in the medical device industry.

In Silicon Valley, Oshita invested in Fox Hollow Technologies, Chestnut Medical, etc. as the lead investor, and played a key role in their exits. Dr. Ikeno has participated in product development, animal testing, and clinical trials for over 200 startups since 2001.

Track record guiding Japanese medical device startup companies to successful exit
Closed M&A deals in Japan
・Biomedical Solutions, Inc. (Acquired by JIMRO Co., Ltd., an Otsuka Groupcompany)
・A-Traction, Inc. (Acquired by Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd. Currently Asahi Surgical Robotics, Co., Ltd.)
Guiding Principles based on Track Record
Because we are a venture capital with an EXIT track records, we have the “yardstick for success” for each stage of the venture.
Utilizing our extensive experience and vast network, we support financial planning, business planning, product development, clinical trials, regulatory filing, and so on.


Investment Area

Our investment area is startups in the life sciences industry, primarily in medical devices. We target all stages from the seed and early stages through to late-stage investment.

Investment Philosophy

We focus on startups developing medical devices with a high-risk profile in product development but a low-risk profile in sales & marketing. There are six key factors in our investment decisions.

Unmet Needs
Does it solve strong unmet clinical needs?
Is it targeting a large enough market?
Is it an innovative product and a challenging development for large medical device companies?
Clinical Data
Will it generate clinical trial data to prove its efficacy and safety profile?
Can it develop fast enough (maximum five to six years to exit)?
Do founders and management have sufficient experience and knowledge?
Unmet Needs Image